Give and receive Coinye on your twitter account

  • A free online wallet, controlled by your twitter account
  • Send coinye to any coinye receive address or twitter user
  • No sign up required

Quick Start User Guide

  1. @TipperCoinye #Balance
    To receive a tweet with current balance and receive address. Creates an account if you don't already have one. (Hint: wait 10 minutes before a transaction completes)
  2. @TipperCoinye #Donate 100 COYE to 5XXdypQ59ZXCbe1Rs37J2SmTo34GUyY67f
    send 100 Coinye to receive address (also to cash out)
  3. @TipperCoinye #Donate 1000 COYE to @TwitterUser, documentation: https://goo.gl/LpXflF
    send 100 Coinye to Twitter user. Create new account if necessary. Adding the link to the Quick Start is highly recommended!
  • Note: Tweets are faster than coinye, wait 10 minutes before asking your balance
  • To see the tweets, check your mentions tab or follow the bot
  • The TipperCoinye is not allowed (by Twitter rules) to "@mention" the recipient unless they follow the bot too. You mention them so if they ask wtf, it's up to you to explain them where to look!
  • By using the @TipperCoinye, you agree with the Disclaimer!

TipperCoinye, X and the future

Elon Musk changed the playing field and most notably the API of Twitter - now X. The bot has not been updated yet (and has been pretty much idle anyway). For now i will sporadically check for mentions and execute commands manually. If the dust settles down i do intend to update the bot, but this is just a hobby project, so - no guarantees!

Tips & Tricks

A picture can say more than 280 characters!
Download the Quick Start as image and include it in the tweets to your recipient. Twitter will show the image, allowing you to "cheat" on the 140 character limit and bring the recipient up to speed!
Tweets beginning with a @username are directed AT that user.
They will only show up in timelines of people following both you and the recipient. The recipient of the tweet will be notified of a mention (unless they disabled this in their settings). So the first two examples won't show up in your friends' timeline.
The user list and balances are public
So, verify the tip actually being transfered to the recipient, search the list for people you may know, encourage people to donate their Coinye to your favorite charity, or make a bargain for them.
Tweet your receive address to the @GayFishBot
The @GayFishBot will gladly help you get started with some playing money. Just send a new tweet, mentioning both your TipperCoinye receive address (the one you get after tweeting "#TipperCoinye #Balance") and mentioning the @GayFishBot. It's free and you'll get somewhere around 100 coinye. You can do this as often as you like (although the donation amount will decline a little with every repetitive tweet).


If you just want to get going, you don't need to understand how the bot works, you can simply use the examples in the Quick Start User Guide

The bot responds to every tweeet mentioning either "@TipperCoinye" or "#TipperCoinye". Every tweet it spots, is read (from beginning to end) for a command, if needed, a Coinye Address or a Twitter username (a "mention" - twitter detects these for us) and an amount, in either "value [unit]" format or just "[value]".

Currently the bot responds to two (types of) command: Account and Give.

ACCOUNT: To get started / create an account / get account info
default user icon

#TipperCoinye, please create an account for me!

Tweet the text above to create (or look up) your account with the TipperCoinye bot, it will reply your current balance, your reload address (wire Coinye to here to add to your TipperCoinye account) and a link to the help page (probably the page on which you are reading this right now).

The tweet will be sent to you, but not as a private message (otherwise you would have to follow the bot first). Look for it in your "mentions" tab under "interactions".

GIVE: To give coinye to @anotherTwitterUser
default user icon

@anotherTwitterUser, You are so awesome, I asked the #TipperCoinye donation bot to donate 1000 COYE to you!

If the twitter user has an account, the coinye is wired from your deposit to their account. If they don't have an account yet, one will be created. A tweet will be sent to the recipient, mentioning you. If the user does not follow the bot (likely), remind them to check their "Mentions" tab!

GIVE: To send to a Coinye Address / Cash out
default user icon

#TipperCoinye: donate 5000 COYE to 5Zqu7Y1nUMp9KR9moKDuPZ2osPBPKWKFiJ

This will wire the coinye directly from your account to the address provided. You can use this to donate money to other people, or to cash out the money to yourself. Just enter an address to a valid wallet! Notice that there's no way for the bot to notify the recipient (other than the money coming in). The address doesn't even have to be related to any Twitter account. You could send money to your own wallet, a charity's address or an exchange to trade them for BitCoin or another currency.

Advanced Usage

Because the bot is supposed to integrate normally in conversations and because the Coinye is about fun, it allows for a few extra options. Here are some synonyms:


balance, account, info
donate, donates, donated, donation, tip, tipped, tips, wire, give, gift, gives, drop, transfer


coinye, coye, coyes, coinyes, fishstick, fishsticks, gayfish
fishdick, fishdicks
6.66 COYE
hobbit, hobbits
wordsmith, wordsmiths
lawsuit, lawsuits
123 COYE
yeezbomb, yeezbombs
666 COYE
yeezus, yeezes
777 COYE
ego, egos, lawyer, lawyers
1000 COYE
5000 COYE
visionary, visionaries
10000 COYE
fishfart, fishfarts
Random (0.1 - 1) COYE
splash, sploosh, splashes, splooshes
Random (1 - 50) COYE


One, two, three and a are interpreted (I stopped at 4) are translated to numeric values. So you can say "Tip this man ONE YeezBomb!"

If no unit was found, the first number found will be interpreted as Coinyes. This allows you to save space and simply say "#TipperCoinye Give 1000 @user", or use your custom user, like "Give 400 kazinga's to @user, #TipperCoinye".

Some advanced examples

default user icon

Hey everybody! Check out @user! I actually donate him 100 fishsticks (using the #TipperCoinye bot)

Sends 1000 COYE to @user in a tweet that all your followers see.

default user icon

@user, you are A GENIUS. Hence my #TipperCoinye Tip!

Sends 5000 Coinye (1 Genius) to @user in a tweet that will appear in @user's timeline if he or she follows you. If he or she doesn't follow you, it appears in their Mentions tab.

default user icon

Thanks @user! Let me splash some Coinye around!! #TipperCoinye #TIP

Random amount between 1-50 COYE to @user, in all your followers timeline.

Test your tweet here

To see how a text will be interpreted, and see if it will work as intended, try entering it below

This form will not check if a @username is an existing Twitter user!

The randomized values (Splash/sploosh/fishfart) will be randomized on each run, the values shown here are just hypothetical outcomes.

Output/analysis will be shown here. Try it, don't be shy!


This is just a hobby project for me. I'll try to make it work, but i go in head-first, so be warned. I'm not out to get your Coinye, but i simply can not (nor want to) promise that any money on my server doesn't get stolen, dissapears, gets mixed up, etcetera. Don't put any Coinye on here you can't afford to lose.